Wednesday, May 29, 2013


FAM Reacts Quickly To Pahang Overcrowding

Following the events of the postponement of the FA Cup semi-final between Pahang and Johor Darul Takzim yesterday, an emergency meeting was called today at FAM in Kelana Jaya. Datuk Hamidin Mohd Amin chaired the 4.5 hours long meeting before addressing the media about their outcome.
The Local Competition Organising Committee met with representative from both teams, match officials as well as the Stadium Darul Makmur officials in the meeting. The committee took time to praise the part that Sultan Ahmad Shah played in trying to placate and solve the situation.
The match was postponed because of overcrowding and fans were sat on the track and not before the gate barrier separating the stands from the field. 4 entrance doors into the stadium were found to be broken down and this is attributed to be the main reason for the overcrowding.
The stadium gates were opened for fans to enter around 6pm yesterday. However, by 8:20pm, 4 doors were broken down. The slow reaction time of the stadium officials to react to the situation has been criticised by Datuk Hamidin.
The Darul Makmur Stadium is able to hold a capacity 32,500. Tickets that were sold yesterday amounted to a total of 31,300. There were 320 police on duty, together with 2 troops of FRU amounting to 120 people. The committee has also informed Pahang FA to perform additional investigation to see if there are other root causes for the problem.
Below are the result as per announced by the committee;
  1. Match to be replayed on 1st June 2013 at National Stadium, Bukit Jalil at 4:15pm. The National Stadium is under maintenance of its floodlights and thus, is unable to be used at night.
  2. Fans with valid tickets for the original match are able to exchange for the rescheduled match.
  3. As the stadium can fit 90,000 people, additional tickets will go on sale starting Friday (31st May 2013) and are priced at a single value of RM15.
  4. No specific allocation to teams, as yet.
  5. Pahang are still the home team for the replay but the match organisation will be under the jurisdiction of FAM.
  6. National players selected from both teams are allowed to play in this match and will only return to the national team on Sunday (2nd June 2013)
Disciplinary action
Johor Darul Takzim have been found to flout competition rules on 2 accounts; for leaving the stadium at 9:50pm and thus, not adhering to the required rule of staying for 90 minutes and for having fans on the track. Johor FA are fined a total amount of RM20,000.
Pahang meanwhile have been found to flout competition rules on 3 accounts namely; causing the match to be delayed, for having fans on the track and for allowing home fans to reach the away fans. Pahang FA are fined a maximum RM100,000 and will have to pay the expenses incurred by the JDT team for the upcoming replay.
All decisions made by the committee are final and cannot be appealed. The Disciplinary Board will not take additional actions on this matter.
The committee viewed this incident with the highest importance and have reminded all Football Associations to carry out checks to ensure that such incident will not be repeated in the future.


tch tch tch, such spirit of 1Malaysia. So-called Intergrity Committee have to not only look inside players dressing-room but also at ticket-booth, it seems...
tch tch tch, such spirit of 1Malaysia. So-called Intergrity Committee have to not only look inside players dressing-room but also at ticket-booth, it seems...
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