Monday, May 06, 2013


Any Win Will Do

What a week it has been for Thai football. Buriram United made it through to the Round of 16 in the Asian Champions League while Leicester City, owned by Thais, are in the mix for  a Premier League spot next season with a play off against Watford on the horizon.

Oh, and Buriram sacked the man who had, on paper at least, masterminded their successes of recent years.

It was revealed the club and coach had parted company with the club owner, a Newin Chidcob, announcing, initially, it had always been the plan anyway...whatever that meant.

Later it emerged Attaphon had in fact been sacked and that anyway he wasn't responsible for Buriram's glory; the credit for that lay at the door of Newin. Of course. Anyone who knows anything about Thai culture would know that. You only had to witness Newin on the bench, and in the technical area, during the ACL games to realise this was a very different sort of club owner to what we are used to in the west. He is a puu yai in every sense of the word and doesn't every one know it? Yet the norm in this part of the world.

Newin as a politician doesn't like to lose. Difficult in his home province where his family have been the number one family for several decades.  If he takes no chances in politics you can be sure he takes even less in football. You can only wonder what went on behind the scenes last season when they gracefully finished fourth.

According to Wikipedia someone called Scott Cooper has been made temporary coach at Buriram United while Attaphon has taken over the reins at Bangkok Glass where he will have Goran Subara, former Gombak United and PSM. Cooper has been with Buriram for a while now coaching their academy and previously worked with the Leicester City academy

Buriram United are currently second in the TPL, unbeaten and just two points behind leaders Muang Thong United.

Rumours that Newin will take over as coach of Leicester City should the reach the Premier League are just the product of a fertile imagination.

Good heading eh?

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