Thursday, April 04, 2013


We (Don't) Support You Ever More

Last season Arema IPL started the season with some good crowds as the Aremania got behind them. Their first two games saw 15,500 and 20,160 click through the turnstiles. Didn't last of course and the fans switched to Arema ISL and even a good AFC Cup run couldn't bring them back.

This season has seen crowds fallen off the map. In back to back home games just 300 bothered turning up. That's 255 against Persiraja and, well, you do the maths against PSLS.

Regular readers will know I have not been the biggest fan of the IPL and the dualism that came with it but I feel no schadenfreude at these numbers. You gotta feel sorry for the players but then the players are the victims in all the shit that has fallen on the game in the last couple of years.

They are the ones who don't get paid. They are the ones who don't have contracts respected. The ones who make the mess are not the ones who clean it up; no one does.

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