Friday, April 12, 2013


Persipasi Plan Karawang Home

Persipasi Bekasi will continue their nomadic ways this coming season. The first time I saw them play was against Persires (now there's another story) at their one time traditional Patriot Stadium in downtown sunny Bekasi.

Last season they upped sticks to Ciracas Stadium in South Jakarta.

This season? This report suggests they will use Singaperbangsa Stadium in Karawang for their home games. To be fair not a bad choice; Karawang isn't that far from Bekasi and the facilities there are better than Tambun Stadium which was also considered.

Persipasi's chopping and changing will end soon they hope as they are having a brand spanking new stadium built closer to their home in West Java. The new ground is predicted to hold 30,000 spectators when finally finished.

It's a funny thing but West Java does seem to be going in to stadium construction in a big way. Persib will have a new ground soon while a sports complex at Hambalang has been causing much controversy.

Perspasi's choice of Karawang means that two clubs in Divisi Utama (LPIS) will use that ground as Persika Karawang will also use it in the same division!

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