Sunday, April 28, 2013


Jakarta Hates Football

There isn't a whole lot to do in Jakarta. Yes, there are shopping malls going up all over the place with little attention to need or access but sod all else.

Take football. As best as I can make out these are the football grounds for a city of something like 12 million.

Bung Karno 88,000
Lebak Bulus 12,500 (to be demolished)
Tugu 10,000 (?)
Soemantri Brojonegoro 7,500
Bea Cukai 5,000 (?)
Ciracas 5,000 (?)

Is that it?

Today there are potentially three games in Jakarta. Persitara host PSCS at Kamal Muara which I guess officially is in Tangerang. Persipasi host the other Persitara at Bea Cukai. Persija Under 21 play Persepam Under 21 at a training field in Cijantung. I get so envious when people in places like Bangkok, London or Sydney get so many choices!

Anyway the game at Kamal Muara is being played without fans as security officials wouldn't allow Persitara fans to attend. Apparently they made problems on the road out to the airport.

Persija's last two home games have been played without fans because no one wants to do security.

You can be sure someone can find the security when the likes of Netherlands, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea come here. But local football can go take a run and jump it seems.

Talk of two new stadiums to be constructed but what's the point of the authorities don't want to allow fans to watch the games?

As ever the majority are punished for the actions of the minority. No one seems to have the capacity to think about how fans can attend a game safely, all ticket, membership schemes for example or better organised travel.

Nope, far easier to kick out the football and keep building fucking malls for the moneyed elite to preen about showing off their handbags and handphones.

"..for the moneyed elite to preen about showing off their handbags and handphones"

one of THE Indonesian dreams..
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