Sunday, April 07, 2013


Indonesia To Play Benin?

Indonesia have announced they will play Benin on 27 April in Jakarta.

Benin are much higher up the FIFA rankings than Indonesia which doesn't really mean much at the best of times but their squad is drawn up  mostly of players working in Europe. The most well known is probably Stephane Sessegnon and I say he is the most well known because I am a small minded Little Englander and he plays for Sunderland so there.

It remains to be seen which players Benin bring if they come as to the best of my knowledge, well a quick look through my Nationwide Football Annual, suggests the date is not a recognised FIFA one meaning European clubs will be reluctant to release their players, especially as it is the business end of the season.

Of course about a year ago Indonesia played Cameroon, a game which turned out be not a full international at all but a team put together of players looking for a club!

God, I'm cynical. I hope it comes off, truly I do.

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