Monday, March 11, 2013


Did You Believe The Hype?

Back in 2010 during the ASEAN Football Federation many people started creaming themselves over a couple of bright young hopes; Irfan Bachdim and Okta Maniani. Indeed the hype was such there were people saying Okta, a pacy wide man, had the potential not just to be the best in Indonesia, he was good enough to play overseas.

Since that heady December Irfan has moved to Chonburi in the Thai Premier League and Okta has all but disappeared off the football map.

After last season with Persiram we are now well into the new Indonesia Super League season and Okta remains clubless.

Telling that none of the big clubs have taken a punt on the once promising one, he is now being overlooked by the national team; quite rightly considering he has no club.

While many raved about the he scored back in 2010 for Indonesia two other incidents stick in my mind. Once when he came on as a sub, to a roaring reception, he set off in the wrong direction and needed his team mates to tell him which way he should be facing.

The other was when he dared an audacious overhead a couple of yards from his own goal line and lost possession. He got a massive cheer from the crowded stadium but I don't think his team mates were so impressed.

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