Wednesday, March 13, 2013


A Sorry Honour Roll


1 fan died at PSPS v Persepam Madura United
1 fan died at Persegres v Arema


1 fan died at Persebaya IPL v Persija IPL
3 fans died at Persija v Persib
5 Persebaya fans fell from roof of train
1 fan died at Sriwijaya v Persiba


1 fan died in trouble between Persebaya and Deltras
2 fans died at the SEA Games Final


3 Persib fans fell from the roof of a train
1 fans died after trouble between Persija and Persitara
1 fan died after falling from the stand Persik v Persib


1 Persija fan attacked and killed before Persija v Persipura


1 fan died at Persipura v Persiwa


1 fan died at Liga Indonesia final between Persija and Persipura


1 fan died at Kanjuruhan Stadium
1 fan died at Persekabpas v Arema


1 fan died at Persija v Persebaya at a pre season tournament
1 fan died at Persela v Persebaya


1 fan fell from the bus at ASEAN Cup Indonesia v Philippines
1 fan died at Persija v Semen Padang


1 PSIS fan died in Jakarta on the way home from a game in Bogor


6 PSIS fans died
3 Persebaya fans died


1 Persebaya fan died in Yogyakarta

This ain't about which club has been involved in the most incidents. It's about basic security. Over 1,200 security personnel were on duty today for the Bandung Derby between Pelita Bandung Raya and Persib. That is a lot of security.

Who allows these kids to climb on the roof of public transport? Whose job is it to stop them?

Why is there no proper segregation inside stadiums? Despite the large numbers of security people at most games I have been to it is the fans who police themselves, well the supporters club. I have seen them prevent incidents escalating and I have seen them try and ease traffic congestion after games.

Crowd control doesn't happen here.

It now appears a politician is taking an interest and he is to be commended for making a start. For too long Indonesian youths have been dying and nothing has been done beyond perhaps the police making the next home game played behind closed doors or in another city.

The details above come from today's edition of Top Skor. Fair play to them for doing the research and to the politician, Deddy Gumelar, for taking an interest in this sorry tale.

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