Thursday, January 24, 2013


Miroslav Janu RIP

Former Arema and Persela coach Miroslav Janu died earlier today of a heart attack.

Although I never met the guy there is an outside chance I saw him play. Back in 1993 I went to see Bohemians play Inter Bratislava in Prague on the way to Poland...I guess I will never know now if he was there as well.

Janu coached Persela last season and was looking forward to a new season with Persebaya in Divisi Utama.

He also spent time with Sabah.

Is this the guy who used to play for Sabah in the early 1990s? There was also Netolica Jaroslav (a former Czech international goalie) and the infamous Michal Vana. I remember him as a very solid defender then. Anyway RIP.
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