Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Indonesia's Friendlies That Never Happened

With Arsenal confirming their intention to visit Jakarta in July it is worth looking at recent friendlies proposed by PSSI that never happened. This is not meant to mock anyone or organisation so please don't read anything into it and don't start looking for a pattern.

The PSSI stand on the cusp of a FIFA suspension (yeah, we heard that before) if they don't sort their stuff out by the end of March and who knows where that will leave the Arsenal tour eh?

The following is a list of games cancelled in the last few months so does not include PSV who were supposed to come last year but also cancelled.

This list does not include games against local teams who generally do as they are told from head office...well, some do.

- Espanyol B (5 September)
- North Korea (8 September)
- Thailand (16 October)
- Sudan (14 November)
- Philippines (15 September)
- Everton (26-29 July)
- Galatasaray (26-29 July)
- UAE (1 February)
- Jordan (31 January)


So not a good idea to book my Jakarta trip Arsenal tour now?
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