Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Flapping Around, Singapore

The Singapore FA must have known a while back national team coach Raddy was leaving. It had been signalled once or twice.

Surely caution would have dictated them scouting around for possible candidates?

But now, with only a few days till the Lions lick off their Asian Cup campaign they still have made no appointment. And this despite Raddy's old office being empty for the best part of a month.

Then we have the SLeague 2013 season starting soonish. Any fixture list been announced yet?

I know we shouldn't compare with other countries but the ALeague announced their fixtures nearly six months ahead of the season; England announces a good three months ahead.

It's not as if the SLeague gets complicated does it. Hardly great distances are involved and if games were played at Bedok and Tampines on the same night would anyone even notice?

I know Tampines Stadium is making way for a hub...and this is the issue. Plenty of hub talk but little action. You wanna talk Key Performance Indicators and it looks like the FA are falling down on two of them already, strategic plan or not

fail to plan, plan to fail
the s-league charity shield match is on feb 15
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