Wednesday, January 02, 2013


Business As Usual At Persija

Pre season just wouldn't be pre season without mess at Persija. In recent years they have been taken over by a mysterious businessmen who promised much but delivered nothing and split, amoeba like, into separate identities sharing the same name but little else.

This year? No money.

Yeah I know, pretty tame by their high standards of farce but serious enough to have kept two long serving stalwarts, Bambang Pamungkas and Ismed Sofyan, away from pre season training.

The coach, Iwan Setiawan, is quoted as saying if he only has 14-16 players Persija can not enter the league.

Their first home game is this Sunday against Persisam. The new governor has promised to speed up work on their new stadium in Sunter but his hands are tied regarding funding; Persija are on their own and with one of the largest fan bases in the country you would think they would have companies queuing up to sponsor them.

Jakarta, capital of Indonesia, a center of government and industry, many local and international corporations established their offices in that city,, but none of them are willing to invest in local football club.. shame on who?
for me, as a Persija fan, I'm blaming ourselves.. the fans..
for not supporting the club well enough,,

for most of us, "supporting" the club means coming to the stadium, chanting, yelling the club's supporting chants, brawl against other club's supporter and then go home..
most of us don't care about how the club will survive without financial income, which in fact, largely resourced from US, the supporters..
clearly, we, the supporters, need a new mind set towards "supporting" the club..
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