Monday, December 10, 2012


High Profile Visits At Risk

Indonesia it seems is moving ever closer to the precipice. FIFA are thought to be in the mood to really do something to settle the nonsense once and for all that has seen a country divided into two governing bodies, two leagues and for a moment two national teams.

If FIFA does what it should have done years ago and ban Indonesia from international competition then we can kiss goodbye to Arsenal coming here next year. There is little chance the English FA would sanction a trip to a country that is under FIFA sanction and I cannot see Arsenal wanting to come for fear of the damage it would do to their brand.

Much depends on the next few days. The Indonesian FA hold a meeting today then FIFA meet later in the week to discuss the situation. If they decide enough is enough then Arsenal could be the third EPL team in recent years to be touted as coming here yet never actually making it.

Manchester United's visit was cancelled when a bomb ripped through the hotel they were due to stay at while Everton were supposed to come earlier this year but that to never happened for some reason.

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