Friday, December 14, 2012


Gonzales Joins Arema's Aging Army

Christian Gonzales has joined Arema ISL. The 36 year year naturalised striker will join a strike force that features Keith Kayamba (aged 40) and Alberto Goncalves (31) while Safee Sali has gone to Johor FC to escape the crap that is surrounding the game here.

Gonzales of course is a familiar name here as his goal scoring record shows since arriving from his native Uruguay.

2003-04 PSM Makassar 56 games 32 goals
2005-08 Persik Kediri 106 100
2009-11 Persib Bandung 72 41
2012 Persisam 32 18

There are also 11 goals in 19 games for Indonesia.

Rumours Arema will sign Tampines Rovers' 42 year old striker Aleksander Duric are not true!

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