Thursday, December 06, 2012


Don't Pay, Won't Play

The Indonesia Footballers' Union, known locally as the APPI, is finally playing hardball. On Twitter at least.

They have been actively involved over the last couple of days in the tragic case of Diego Mendieta and trying to repatriate his remains and have now turned their venom on the games governing bodies.

In a couple of fairly blunt tweets, in plain English, they called upon players to not play if they do not receive their salaries for last season and do not have adequate insurance.

Mendieta, a Paraguayan striker, was forced to move from hospital to hospital in Solo during his recent illness before he died because he had no money and no insurance; he was owed something like four months salary from his previous club, Persis, and it seems they did nothing to help him in his tragic situation.

Now it seems APPI, emotionally exhausted from picking up the shrapnel of this disaster waiting to happen, have called on their players to take care of themselves first.

Two of their tweets from earlier today:

APPI strongly urges all players To not play in the new season of IPL / ISL if theres still no settlement of the last season's salaries.

APPI also strongly urges all players To not play in new season of IPL/ISL if theres still no health insurance cover stated in the contract.

The astute will have noticed the APPI specifically highlight concerns with both leagues. Neither party has a clean record in this regard, despite some of the spin coming out of certain parties in one corner, and implicitly point out this is a national problem, not something that canbe brushed aside as petty politicking.

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