Monday, October 01, 2012


Kayamba Left Waiting For His Money

There may be three months left of 2012 but Keith Kayamba Gumbs has been a shoo in for the Jakarta Casual Player of the Year Award since, oh, about January. He has been a beacon of consistency with Sriwijaya since joining them five years ago, leading them to unprecedented success in that time.

For all the success they have shared though over the years when it came to say goodbye there was no thanks very much, there was not much in the way of appreciation for a model pro who performs at a level week in, week out that leaves players 20 years younger look out of condition.

As he leaves Sriwijaya of course the club treat him as they treat anyone. Shoddily. He, like so many other players in this country, is owed money. According to reports there are two months outstanding.

To  be fair to the club there has been no football for a couple of months which means of course no revenue. And did Sriwijaya receive their whack for winning the Indonesia Super League yet?

As the club themselves point out, players elsewhere are waiting seven, eight months for their money. That of course doesn't make two months right. Contracts are contracts and it is incumbent on clubs to have their finances in order so their employees aren't left waiting for their cash. A paid employee is always going to be more productive than an unpaid one.

The Indonesia Premier League promised they would do away players not getting paid for months on end but they have been guilty just as much as the ISL. Two competing leagues yet not one seems to be able to guarantee players will be paid on time.

And those charged with overseeing the game do nothing. FIFA and AFC seem quite content to allow member associations to do what they want, they won't take any action.

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