Monday, October 01, 2012


Blowing The Dust Off The Boys Of '94

Me, I love cold beer and spicy Indian food. Throw in an Arsenal win and that is pretty much the perfect day. For Singaporeans the mix is different. Fans there grow up looking at 1994 as a watershed year in the history of football on the island.

The year and the players are still spoken of reverently by fans who wouldn't know a Balestier Khalsa from a Balestier Central yet recall the what they were doing Singapore won the Malaysia Cup.

Add that to Liverpool and/or Manchester United and you have the Singaporean equivalent of football porn.

Next month the Boys of '94 will team up, yet again, to play against more aging pros from the two clubs from the North West of England which will see loyalties split firmly down the middle.

Hmm, Fandi or Fowler? Abbas or May?

david lee!
Fandi or Fowler? - Fandi.

Abbas or May? - Abbas.

Fandi and Abbas are the Pied Pipers of Singapore football you know...
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