Thursday, August 30, 2012


Stags In The Dinosaur Age

It's a South East Asian thing. They have this obsession that players are never fit enough and the answer is more stamina work. It's a refrain I have heard many times over the years, usually from foreign players more used to relaxed regimes where they use that round thing.

Not here. Gruelling multi kilometre runs are the norm followed by training! Days off after a game? Fooorget it. Sweat some more.

The new coach at Tampines Rovers has now gone down this route. He has decided, with just about three months left of the season that his players need to work on their fitness!

Sam Allardyce and Tony Pulis would never get jobs in this part of the world. They are far too advanced for these dinosaurs!

Should be sweat down an old pros cleavage though for the likes of Mustafic Fahruddin and Noh Alam Shah who both spent time in Indonesia.

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