Wednesday, August 01, 2012


Muang Thong Are Back

Last year was a bit of a non event in Thai football. It had plainly been decided before a ball was even kicked in anger that the teams from a certain city would be allowed to win everything including American Idol and the Boat Race.

For the rest it meant going through the motions. Yes, they were allowed to win games but, heaven forbid, not against the favoured teams from the favoured city.

So you had serial champions Muang Thong United left hiring and firing coaches; they knew no matter who kept the job they were never going to be allowed to win the TPL, and they ended the season with Merseyside's largest landlord Robbie Fowler in the hot seat and playing at the same time.

That's how daft things had gotten in the land of smiles.

This year though, up till now at least, seems different. The two Burirams merged and seem to have decided to concentrate on the AFC Champions League leaving Muang Thong United a free run at the title. For now they are looking back on a run of four consecutive draws.

Home games against TOT and Chainat should see the champions back to winning ways but you can never tell in this league.

19 games in to the season Muang Thong United, who do have an agreement with a company to use their name in the official club name for which they get juicily paid, are unbeaten and 14 points clear of the men from the north east.

Chonburi were hot on their heels but two defeats in their last five games has seen a eight point gap develop between the two.

Last year the events at the Thunderdome, there is an agreement with a company to use their name in the official stadium name for which they get juicily paid, resembled a pantomime with so many people occupying the hot seat no one would have been surprised had Widow Twankey replaced Fowler.

This year they have been able to get on with the football. Eager foreign players have come in recognising an opportunity to kick start their career with the ambitious Thai club rather that washed up pros.

The big three collide towards the end of August. Muang Thong United host the champions on 18 August in front of what should be a bumper crowd while a week later they head to the eastern seaboard to play Chonburi.

The season is scheduled to end in October ahead of the AFF Cup but don't hold your breath. They like their fixture changes in Thailand as much as they like MBA speak in Singapore.

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