Thursday, August 16, 2012


LionsX11 Increase Malaysia Cup Prices

LionsX11 are back in the Malaysia Cup and in their opening group they sure won't be able to complain too much about the travelling with two teams from Johor across the causeway and a team from Selangor up by KL to get past.

22/08 Johor FC v LionsX11
25/08 LionsX11 v PKNS
28/08 Johor v LionsX11
01/09 LionsX11 v Johor
04/09 PKNS v LionsX11
14/09 LionsX11 v Johor FC

Ticket prices are more expensive than the recently finished Malaysia Super League.

Grandstand $14
Gallery $8
King George Stand $8
Kids/Seniors $3

Season tickets are also available for the three group stage games. $38 for the grandstand, $22 for the rest.

Given two away games a short drive away it would be good to see many fans ignore the scare stories that fill the papers about their northern neighbours and make the trip.

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