Saturday, August 11, 2012


Just A Letter

SLeague champions Tampines Rovers have reac ted swiftly in the wake of their League Cup semi final loss against Geylang United.

Coach Steven Tan has been shunted to the reserves while technical director Tay Peng Kee has been charged with the Stags title defence for the rest of the season.

Officially no one is saying he has been sacked but when you are a pilot flying the plane then suddenly you are left serving the drinks it sure aint a promotion.

Singapore football seems to like these 'reassignments'. Happened to Mike Wong at Geylang United a while back.

It may work there where the football community is tiny and people do there best not to cause offence but would coaches in other countries accept it?

It's a very corporate thing to do -- move someone to a job they'll hate so they leave of their own accord rather than being sacked. No compensation payments and the club will claim no responsibility in the coach's departure ... all part of the tricks of the trade you learn in business school.
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