Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Espanyol Reserves Not Coming

Indonesia will not be be facing a European reserve team.

The PSSI had recently announced the national team would be playing Espanyol reserves in Jakarta on 5th September in a friendly.

When I checked the Espanyol website a few days back there was no mention of this game. Which is odd. You would think them travelling half way round the world for a game of football would have been of interest.

Anyway the PSSI later announced Espanyol would not be coming because they had reserve games lined up on 2nd and 9th of September.

Now for my twopennyworth. My understanding is that Espanyol are/were keen to come to Indonesia, ostensibly to cash in on the Arthur Irwan connection, but they had not agreed to any date. Perhaps there was some surprise their end when the PSSI announced the game as a done deal.

The PSSI have a habit of announcing games only to later sheepishly say they won't happen because the supposed opponent has other commitments. And that is an accusation that can be aimed at both the former and current regimes.

A game against the Philippines was similarly announced then pulled.

This is where the local media has a role. Instead of just parroting announcements from Senayan they should be working their own sources, springs to mind.

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