Wednesday, August 22, 2012


'94 Is Millstone Round Lions' Neck

The Malaysia Cup kicks off tonight and LionsX11 are enjoying some positive coverage in the local papers. But it nearly refers to the heady days of 1994.

One reason Singapore football struggles to attract interest these days is because many folk are still wrapped in the bubble of '94 and that includes teenagers who were not born yet.

Read the papers any day of the week and you see people going on about the good old days, about gentlemen like Fandi Ahmad and about how teams like Pahang and Selangor were put to the sword.

With the daftly named LionsX11 playing Johor FC, Harris Harun and co are being reminded of those days.

An obvious reaction no doubt but not really the ideal preparation for the Malaysia Super League runners' up.

Glory days but for sure but in 2012 football in Singapore is, cue awful cliche, a completely different ball game and alot of interest has waned over the intervening 18 years.

The whole island no doubt will be hoping to recapture those heady times but any slip up by the players and we can be sure the vicious attacks won't be slow in coming.

Extra pressure that is not really needed?

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