Thursday, July 26, 2012


Why Did Everton Cancel?

The fall out continues from Everton's last minute cancellation of their trip to Indonesia for the Java Cup.

Considering the fact that Everton are an English team, albeit from Merseyside, there was always going to be a lot of interest locally in this competition. Yet the publicity was minimal. There was no news of any sponsors that I saw; ticket details were seemingly announced on Twitter; hype was non existent.

Compare this to when Inter Milan sent a team. The sponsors of that tour made sure their, and Inter's name, was always out there.

Everton, as is well known now, cancelled at the last minute. Apparently the first the Indonesians knew about it was when they received a letter from the English Premier League apologising for the non arrival of the team and assuring that no disrespect was meant.

No reason was given by Richards. Instead, in the letter Richards 'deeply regrets' Everton won't be coming and that he hopes 'one of our clubs will soon be able to savour the welcome of your people' perhaps not realising Queens Park Rangers had only just flown out of Indonesia.

In a statement on the Everton website the club mumble something about logistics and security, always a good get out of jail card for 'developing' countries.

They also said they were concerned at the lack of a replacement for Galatasary who withdrew a few days earlier. Nacional were mentioned but it's not sure whether that was ever a serious option.

Several reasons floated but nothing concrete that would justify cancelling so late surely?

These 'unresolved issues' were enough for Everton to say nope at the last minute but to the outsider looking in and not being privy to the goings on between the two parties, I can have a bloody good guess but won't, it looks rather like the schoolkid who hasn't done their homework and goes on to say he had no ink in his printer, there was a power cut and they cat shat on the bed. In other words loads of excuses but hiding another agenda.

In cases like this often money is lying at the heart of the problem for all the spin put out. Everton would have known the problems ailing Indonesian football and if they were smart they would have sought certain guarantees before committing themselves. After all if football can't even pay the players their salaries here what chance a team from overseas getting their wedge?

The organisers this end say Everton's excuses are 'very odd' and it's not hard to see why. They also say they will sue Everton, and Galatasary, for their non appearance, claiming 'they (the clubs) pay back all the damages.'

I understand there is more to Everton's non appearance than what they are officially say but if there is then it is incumbent on them to come clean. Cancelling because of unspecified logistic concerns, what does that mean, the hotel bar was closed, is not enough. They are placing the blame firmly in Indonesia's court but they are not saying what they are blaming them for.

Football is a murky business at the best of times and is not known for its transparency. For now this is going to descend into a he said, she said bit of nonsense until someone actually comes clean and for me that someone has to be Everton.

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