Monday, July 23, 2012


Bloody Refs

Another ref being led away for his own good!

I was watching a game at the weekend in the Thai Regional league and was fascinated by the ref’s performance. Yes, I know they have a hard job blah blah blah but surely that job would be easier if he understood the rules of the game?

Does any ref in this part of the world ever play the advantage? Agreed, stopping play and rushing up to a player and abruptly sticking a card in their face is what the job is all about. Working all week in a dead end job, nagged by their missus and unable to go out with the lads to the nearest karaoke, being a ref means that the insignificant can suddenly get some power and boy do they use it. 

The actual laws of the game, allowing the game to flow, these are irrelevant to the man with a uniform fetish, a pea in his whistle and the opportunity to lord it over players who earn heaps more than him.

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