Tuesday, July 17, 2012


The Battle Of Surabaya

The idea of political correctness is a uniquely Western idea that has many in this part of the world scratching their heads.

But in even in England petty jingoism always gets chests puffed out in football. Germany, France, Scotland, Argentina, we love to hate them all and games against them are frequently dripping in historical context.

Queens Park Rangers' visit to Indonesia is likewise being used to tap into Indonesians pride in their country.

The Battle of Surabaya looms large in the local subconscious. After the Second World War the Dutch rather awkwardly decided they wanted to keep their East Indies colonies despite the fact the Japanese had swiftly kicked them out and the Indonesians had already gone and declared independence.

The Dutch forces weren't strong enough to handle the outbreaks of violence that spread across the archipelago and called on their allies, the British. They couldn't really be bothered, they all wanted to go home after a long and tiring war but they helped out a mate, mostly by sending Indian regiments who had their own ideas of independence.

A pivotal battle was fought in Surabaya and the legend of those heroic fighters live on in the city. The old stadium is called November 10 Stadium, commemorating that battle while the city is also known as Kota Pahlawan, City of Heroes, in memory of those men and women who fought the surrogate oppressor.

Clever marketing by the Indonesians and one their guests won't get...unless they read this which is unlikely.

Good luck Queens Park Ji Sung on your Asia Kampong (Village) Tour...
now now wahid!

personally i think its good that teams are looking beyond the capital city every time!
Agreed, my apologies. Just can't help it, esp Mark Hughes can't stand that fella...
Agreed, my sincere apologies. Just cant help it, esp that Mark Hughes...

QPR vs Persebaya, The battle of Soerabaia
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