Sunday, July 01, 2012


Arema v Persegres 0-0

I wasn't expecting this game to be a 0-0. Persegres have the worst defence in the Indonesia Super League, they concede fours and fives for fun. But Arema failed to break them down.

And with good reason. Their crossing was abysmal. With Herman Dzumafo in the box, the man is a beast, all they had to do was put it in the air, close to his head, and let him do the rest. They couldn't even do that. Time and time again good work down the flanks was wasted by piss poor crosses.

On the rare occasion they did get something in the box then guess what? Chances were created. But hey, coach? If you do read this, get hold of a video of Newcastle v Manchester City and replay that goal by Yaya Toure, that one where he side foots the keeper from the edge of the box. I ain't gonna link to it, find it yourself.

Seriously, professional footballers going for power is so school yard. Football 101, keep your eye on the ball, keep over the ball. Don't just welly the bloody thing and hope for the best. It ain't good and it ain't clever and it happened way too often last night.

And I'm not talking about players being closed down quickly. There was time to think and strike. And probably read War & Peace. It was Persegres remember?

But while Arema were crying out for some creativity Persegres boasted plenty of it. Well, players who strutted like they were playmakers, who placed the ball for free kicks like they were Jonny Wilkinson (not the Home United one) or Cristiano Ronaldo then fired the ball into space.

Players like Gustavo Chena and Claudio Pronetto. All strut and no delivery.

Both coaches would have been better off fielding people from DHL. At least they deliver!

Some images can be seen on Asian Football Pictures.

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