Saturday, June 02, 2012


Toffees To Jakarta?

I first floated this on Twitter a few days ago but no one seemed to know much about it. But as is often the case in this country communication ain't always the best; after hearing from the PSSI they knew nothing about it came a story quoting to the top guy there as saying that negotiations were underway for Everton to come here at a date to be confirmed.

This has now been picked up by an Everton fan site.

Nothing more than that is being printed by other media so I won't add to it for now.

Suffice to say June 15 FIFA will meet to discuss the Indonesian Football Association (PSSI), a meeting where one contact has told me they are fed up enough to finally take action against the PSSI for their inability to reign in the errant ISL.

The PSSI apparently feel confident they will, yet again, escape sanction.

If they are suspended from international football then it is unlikely Everton would come as they too could face sanction from those numpties at FIFA who excaberated the whole problem in Indonesia in the first place through their inactivity and self interest.

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