Monday, May 14, 2012


Reality TV Becomes Reality

A few years back a reality TV show in Malaysia came up with a team that took on the national team and they weren't the ones blushing.

Now Singapore is aping the idea. For obvious reasons I'm not bothering with covering it but it appears there are some people out there who take it seriously with reports suggesting than none other than SAFFC taking a look at a couple of the players showcased on the goggle box.

One of the players is a 31 year old striker.

Now no offence is meant against the lad in question, ok so he's no lad any more, but if a 31 year old can walk off the street, kick a ball around in front of the cameras and then get a trial with one of the biggest teams in the country, what does that say about the Singapore talent pool?

Sasikumar, one time Lion legend, says that both players have real talent and technique. They must next pass the fitness test all professionals must pass if they wanna play in Singapore.

Is this for real or is it just publicity for the show?

for show... while have not seen a single show of it, but the hype is getting outta hand, if you ask me...
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