Friday, May 04, 2012


More Match Fixing In Singapore

SINGAPORE - Two former Geylang United footballers have been sentenced to jail for bribery.

Kim Jae Hong, 27 and Jeon Byungeuk, 24, were convicted on Friday of bribing two current Geylang United's players.

Kim admitted to giving Geylang United's current goalkeeper, Mohamed Yazid Mohamed Yasin, 32, S$4,000 to ensure the club loses its S-League football match against Harimau Muda.

Kim told Mr Yazid that the results would be fixed by having the team losing at both half-time and full-time. If the match fixing was successful, the goalkeeper would get a further S$2,000.

The match was played on May 3 and Geylang United lost 0-2.

Court documents showed that Kim was instructed (by who? Is this person a target for any investigation?) to fly in to Singapore to offer the bribe.

Kim also admitted to conspiring with fellow countryman Jeon Byungeuk to bribe another Geylang United footballer Mun Seung Man in April when he instructed Jeon to speak with Mun.

On May 2, Jeon met up with Mun and offered to pay S$3,000 to S$4,000 if Mun refrained from scoring goals against Harimau Muda. (The guys behind the bribe obviously know nothing about SLeague if they're trying to bribe Mun not to score. Geezer hasn't scored all bloody season!)

Kim was charged on two counts under the Prevention of Corruption Act. A third charge was taken into consideration. Meanwhile, Jeon faced one charge of corruption.

In his mitigation, Kim told the district judge through an interpreter that both he and Jeon are remorseful and pleaded for leniency. But the judge pointed out that Kim's sentence will be heavier as he faced more charges.

On each count, Kim was sentenced to five months' jail, bringing his total sentence to 10 months. Jeon, who faced one charge, was jailed for five months.

They could have been jailed up to five years and fined a maximum of S$100,000.

SOURCE - Today Online

absolute disgrace to our country..
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