Tuesday, May 08, 2012


Malaysia FA Cup Final Prices

The Football Association of Malaysia, where public relations gaffes are a job requirement, have basically stuck two fingers up to supporters ahead of next weekend's FA Cup Final between Kelantan and Sime Darby.

The FAM don't think 40 RM is expensive. My brother doesn't think paying 100 quid to see the Arsenal is expensive either but then he is a consultant for a bank and flies everywhere Business Class.

Responding to questions the Secretary General said that 'decision has been made, agree or disagree. Everyone need to accept the decision.'

To which the Malaysian public doffed their caps and said yes sir, of course sir, thank you oh wise one for letting us riff raff enter your precious bloody stadium in the first place.

yes sir yes sir two bags full

I read tickets will go on sale from Monday the 14h.

Do you know if it will be possible to buy tickets at the stadium on the day or the game?

I'll be visiting KL next weekend and would love to see this match.

Any help appreciated!

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