Sunday, May 20, 2012


Just Another Game

New Football Association, same old shit.

Following the Divisi Utama game between Persipasi and PSS the ref was attacked by visiting players and a brawl erupted as the away team's players, angry a dead cert penalty was not given, vented their feelings on the incompetence officials.

Punches were thrown, plastic chairs were thrown and of course the odd plastic water bottle was thrown as players and club officials took out their frustration.

But despite the nonsense on the field, which saw a security official lamp a fan before official was shepherded away by his colleagues, the fans behaved themselves.

The PSS support, Slemania, had been immense all afternoon. Some seven buses had made their way to the capital city from their part of Yogyakarta and they had sung and danced all game.

Not the usual songs either. Indeed, this aging punk rocker was surprised to hear England Belongs To Me sung with gutso by the travelling support, with the odd word change of course.

When the shit kicked off after the game there was little reaction from the away support. Any lads who made a move to the front of their enclosure were gently ushered back by their own stewards and they just kept on cheering their team.

The home support also made little effort to get involved; perhaps they were a tad embarrassed by the blatant penalty that wasn't given, but they applauded the visiting support in a display of sportsmanship sadly lacking in the corridors of power.

I'm not one for match reports or man of the match but today without doubt the best performer was the Slemania. Football however was let down as ever by the people charged to ensure it runs smoothly.

For those knuckle draggers, it ain't about football.

UPDATE - just been advised they weren't Slemania but Brigatta Sud Curve! The fans that is...

The song is England belongs to me, indeed, but the lyrics were Indonesianized to a local dangdut (bet your hear this genre in Indonesia) called Iwak Peyek (literally a dish made from fried anchovy/corn/tempe to ate with rice for most poor local Javanese/Indonesians).
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