Sunday, May 13, 2012


Crowd Trouble Mars Persipura Loss

It's not often visiting teams get a result in Papua. I have no idea how that can be. Without games from there being shown live, and even then the coverage ain't always the best and controversial incidents get overlooked, there is little in the way of openness and transparency. Rumours aplenty from people in the game who have been involved in games there but nothing more than that.

Recently Persiwa lost a home game. That doesn't happen very often. Mind you they lost against Persipura, a fellow Papuan side, so I don't think we can read too much into that.

Now Persija have gone to Mandala Stadium and won 1-0. Someone obviously hasn't read the rule book.

In the wake of the loss it seems that home fans have rioted, there won't be any visiting supporters or of there are they will be keeping quite, set fire to the stadium that was recently renovated to allow Persipura to play home games in Asian club competitions in front of their fans, and reports suggesting one young fan has died.

Now if all that is true then Persipura need to be dealt with severely. They need to be told that home games must be played outside of Papua, they need a hefty fine. After all, we can be sure that is how the authorities would react if it was either Persija, Persib, Arema or Persebaya fans involved.

There has been a history of trouble between both sets of fans. Earlier this season fighting flared when in the corresponding fixture, which was played in Yogyakarta, while several years ago a young fan was attacked outside Bung Karno Stadium and killed.

I have lost track of how many fans have died at football matches in this country and no one seems to give a bloody shit.

Life is cheap eh?

UPDATE - and apparently the Persija team were evacuated from the stadium by sea!

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