Saturday, May 19, 2012


Aremania Are Back

It's been one hell of a confusing season for Arema fans. Two teams, players who have interchanged between the two, both starting the season badly.

The fans responded by staying away which is something I don't understand. They like to say they are the best fans in the land, and indeed have won awards twice for that, but then when their team lose a game or two they don't bother.

Their attendances in the Indonesia Super League have been poor by their standards, reflecting the poor performances on the field. For a long time the team lacked any kind of focal point; any player imbuing the Arema spirit in the manner of Noh Alam Shah or Pierre Njanka. The first half of the season was a mixture of journeymen and bench warmers.

Only Pierre Patrick Seme, the galloping full back, filled the void.

The signing of Herman Dzumafo from PSPS signalled a change. Here was someone who put himself about for the cause. He was followed by the likes of Megia Kurnia, M Ridhuan and Dendi Santoso from AREMA IPL and finally the fans had a team they could identify with.

Of course five straight home wins may also have played a part! But for all their recent form they are still 15th in the 18 team top division.

Oh and in case you're wondering this Arema are not the Arema who are in the next round of the AFC Cup!

v Persela 14,000
v Persiram 5,102
v PSMS 4,101
v Sriwijaya 2,818
v PSAP 3,584
v PSPS 5,021
v Persija 16,648
v Persipura 11,207
v Persiwa 5,355
v Persib 22,408
v Pelita Jaya 18,032
v Persisam 16,770
v Mitra Kukar 33,725

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