Friday, April 06, 2012


Annuar Shut Up. Finally!

SINGAPORE - He was scathing in his comments about Singapore's re-entry into Malaysian domestic football competitions, saying on his Facebook page that the move was fuelled by a drive to raise betting revenue, and suggesting that a similar baseline had also influenced decisions surrounding the LionsXII.

While the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) have moved to distance themselves from the statements of their deputy president Annuar Musa, they will not have to contend with the outspoken Kelantan FA president in the near future.

Annuar faced the FAM disciplinary committee yesterday for his public criticism of the Malaysian national team, was found guilty and suspended for two-and-a-half years.

The punishment meted out by the FAM disciplinary committee headed by Taufik Abdul Razak means Annuar will have to relinquish his position in the FAM hierarchy and also give up his post as the Kelantan FA president.

After the three-hour hearing at the FAM headquarters yesterday, Annuar was met by members of the media but would not comment as he had to seek permission from the FAM Executive Committee.

He left the building to greet a crowd of around 200 of his supporters who had gathered to show their support.

"Stay calm and do not over-react to this punishment," he told the crowd.

Speaking to Today, FAM general-secretary Azzuddin Ahmad said yesterday: "I have no comments to make on the punishment handed out to Tan Sri Annuar (Musa)."

As for the controversial comments Annuar made on his Facebook post, Azzudin said: "The FAM is distancing ourselves from the statements made by him on the LionsXII, because those were made in his personal capacity. We will not comment on the matter."

COMMENT - I love the fact that 200 people spontaneously turned up to show their support for a political figure. Oh, wait a minute, are you suggesting it may not have been off the cuff? How dare you...

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