Monday, March 19, 2012


Thai Premier League 2012 Kick Off

A new season underway in Thailand and one of many changes be they new teams, name changes or just political interfering.

Buriram United, who won the league as Buriram PEA last season, defeated Chiang Rai United 3-1 in front of 9,763 fans. If you're new to Thai football you will soon notice a few trends. Buriram whatever they call themselves will not lose many, if any, home games; and there are an inordinate number of teams called United.

Muang Thong United have a new coach and new sponsor and a striker who is embarrassing when it comes to diving. They beat BEC Tero 2-0 in their opening game. Somehow Chonburi defeated Thai Port 4-0 (7,856) in their opening game which means they never read the script properly and sit on top of the nascent table.

Bangkok Glass defeated Wuachon United 2-0 (7,900). Who the bloody hell are Wuachon United you may ask and if you are asking then please ask the Thai FA or the TPL to explain how the hell a totally new team can be in the top division. But that's how Thai football works!

Newly promoted Chainat, who aren't called United and this may cause problems later on, drew 1-1 away to Army United who are called United which pleases many no doubt who like the uniformity of the football league to match the uniformity of beer bellied silver tops in Pattaya in hawaiian shirts or white shirted Somchais in an office saying 'aroi dee' in unison.

Osotspa defeated TOT 2-1 in a game that probably was of little interest to anyone with no interest in energy drinks or telephone companies. Newly promoted BBCU, god they choose some daft names, beat Isan United, last season they were known as Sisaket but have moved city, 1-0 while finally Cyril Police United drew 0-0 with TTM who now are based in Chiang Mai.

Still here? Still interested?

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