Sunday, March 11, 2012


Pelita Jaya v Arema 2-1

You just know it's gonna be bad when you see perennial bench warmer Boy Jati starting up front alongside a new signing.

This hasn't been the greatest of seasons for Arema and this 2-1 defeat away to Pelita Jaya was just about right. Forget the fact that the two teams are to all intents and purposes owned by the same people, Arema are a poor team.

Yes they were without first choice striker Marcio Souza and Dicky Firasat but there isn't much in the rest of the line up to inspire confidence and Arema fans must be waiting for the day when they start playing the likes of M Ridhuan and their other signings from Arema IPL.

The team was devoid of spirit and invention. Nothing in the middle, even less up front. I was gobsmacked to see Boy Jati start and the first thing he did after running on the field was run back to the touchline for some water. Never saw him again first half and second half he lasted a few minutes before being subbed.

A subdued performance even from Seme Pierre Patrick. The cavalier full back who often thinks he's Lionel Messi put in a disciplined shift but oh how Arema could have done with someone, anyone with his exuberance.

Pelita Jaya weren't that great but then they didn't need to be.

All a far cry from two years ago in Malang when Arema thumped Pelita Jaya 6-1 on their way to the ISL title.

Some images from the match can be found on Asian Football Pictures.

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