Sunday, March 18, 2012


Lions Grow Up

I've been calling for a Singapore team to play in Malaysia for several years. Singapore is safe, dull and nice. Aggression in Singapore is whining on internet forums or pushing past people to get on the MRT or to the head of a queue at a sale. Not the best environment for building a football team that can develop beyond their own borders.

Yesterday LionsX11 went to Sarawak and in a particularly hostile atmosphere managed to win 1-0 thanks to a 71st minute penalty. The Lions keeper complained about lasers being pointed at him, the home players apparently intimidated the match officials and after the game had finished the Singapore players had their coach trashed by rampaging home fans and had to stay in the dressing room while things quietened down.

Normal stuff for central defender Baihakki Khaizan of course who played for Persija and Persib in Indonesia for a couple of seasons but eye opening stuff for the rest of the team!

UPDATE - A Sarawak fan's viewpoint can be found on Sarawak Bloggers

U forgot abt the price we pay

FAS is now restricting all our youth teams in Spore & no longer do our U23 & below play any teams other than among the age-grp oursleves.

All this to pay for this malaysia team development as well as FAM development as millions pour to their youth team in subsidies & levy.

Also the development is nt tht great as many in tht grp as seem such actions in AFC cup competition.

So those exposed r limited every few U23 nw see action

Here are the Pros & Cons.

Long term will the cons kill the Pros when the next gen are nt developed thks to millions pouring into Malaysia & shout of no $ every time this topic come out
thanks for that happy

do you have a link to that?
Nt sure wht link U wnt but the March 1 report of TODAY has a note abt a 10% Levy as other costs such as FAS paying for malaysian teams trip to Spore. (which FAS nvr mention before)

It quoted the official claiming it took a significant amt of the gate receipt already & the team may nt make a profit.

As for youth teams playing each others, last yr after several youth teams poor results at intentional arena (Take note FAS only send age-grp team nw to play only when it compulsory like ASEAN age-grp competition), several of these coach asked FAS hw they intend to improve teams like the U18 if they have to play U17 & U19 to prepare only & hve no other experience.

After tht, FAS cry no $ (wht else)

But it sound hallow after the March 1 report becos I wonder hw they can agree to the levy & all those costs when they know they hve no $ & our youth teams stay in Spore becos of tht.

Can one image just training 1 whole yr & play no game at all for even their famous YOG team & LCC U15 get tht kind of treatment as with the media gone, we hear they do nt assemble much at all now.

This is especially bad as I noted at Kallangroar forum, our FAS president lied to us as he was quoted by the media that was no levy & any other costs other than the foreign subsidies to Tigers U23.

The cost can come up to millions.

Can image pumping so much $ to Malaysia & then telling all yr other players no $.
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