Friday, March 02, 2012


Latest World Cup Disaster

Another proud week in South East Asian football comes to an end. Indonesia got thumped by Bahrain 10-0 and FIFA are investigating if there was a little help there in that scoreline.

Singapore managed to lose 7-1 away to Iraq. And Thailand lost 2-0 away to Oman.

Intriguingly the AFC have yet to update their website with details of the final games? Too embarrassing eh?

Anyway, South East Asia. Content to be big fish in their own small ponds, no real desire to improve, business school language does not get results, hard work on the training field does but that ain't sexy enough, who can gain face that way?

BTW, more about Indonesia's humiliation in the Jakarta Globe

I'm pretty sure that you're the English guy I met at Lebak Bulus Stadium on Persiram v Persidafon match.. Antony, right?

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