Friday, March 09, 2012


Hassanal Bolkiah Cup Final Preview

The Hassanal Bolkiah Cup is one more victim to familyhood. The final though kicks off in about half an hour so here is some quick background.


Group Stage

v Laos 2-0
v Singapore 1-1
v Myanmar 1-3
v Philippines 3-0

Semi Final

v Vietnam 2-0

In the final they meet hosts Brunei. This is the fourth edition of the Under 21 cup and Indonesia won the first in 2002. Thailand won in it in 2005 and 2007 but this year did they even send a team? Thai football is rapidly going down the swannee as politicians and other ne'erdowells flock to stick their disgusting, foaming beaks in the trough.

Brunei defeated Cambodia, the Malaysian Under 19s and Timor Leste, losing to Vietnam, before beating Myanmar in the final.

You know what would be funny? I mean sidesplittingly hilari-bloody-us as in the first time you saw Fawlty Towers pissing yourself funny? If Brunei win and the Indonesians start saying the ref favoured the home team!

Anyway Andik Vermansyah, the latest talent who should make it overseas according to local commentators, has scored five of Indonesia's nine goals.

Not seen any of the games so far, this ain't easy you know, my little gooner has hogged the TV and refuses to allow me to watch any football. And when he has finished watching the night garden it's time for Shaun the Bloody Sheep until he decides it's time to sleep.

See, you get none of this from Sky Sports...

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