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Results 04-05/02

Olympic Qualifier

Bahrain v Malaysia 2-1 (;Hazwan Bakri) 2,000

Malaysia managed a late equaliser in Bahrain but the hosts, coached by former England manager Peter Taylor, scored a couple of minutes later to earn the win. Heaps happening in the last few moments with two yellows for the home team and a Malaysian seeing red in the 5th minute of injury time. The ref was from Qatar so 'nuff said.

Indonesia Super League

Persiram v Deltras 3-1 (JP Boumsong 2, Elthon Maran; M Fakhrudin) 215
Mitra Kukar v Arema 2-2 (Obric, Anidhito; Seme Patrick, Marcio Souza)
Sriwijaya v Persidafon 5-0 (Kayamba 2, Firman Utina, Siswanto, Ponaryo Astaman)
Pelita Jaya v Persib 1-3 (Safee Sali; Moses 2, Jajang)

Persiram's first win of the season left Deltras fuming at the Lebak Bulus. Pelita Jaya's biggest crowd in yonks, shame there weren't many of their fans though! Sriwijaya back in the groove after consecutive defeats in Papua.

1 - Persipura 11 7 3 1 22-14 24
2 - Persiwa 11 7 2 2 19-13 23
3 - Sriwijaya 11 7 1 3 27-10 22
4 - Persib 11 6 3 2 17-13 21

Indonesia Premier League

Bontang v PSM 1-1 (Fassawa; Fadly)
Arema v Persiba 0-1 (Ezequiel Gonzales)
Persiraja v Semen Padang 2-2 (Defri, Irwanto; Ferdinand Sinaga, Edward Wilson Junior)

1 - Semen Padang 8 4 4 0 15-6 16
2 - Persibo 7 4 1 2 11-6 13
3 - Persiba 7 4 1 2 7-5 13

Divisi Utama (LI)

Persebaya v Persitara 2-0 (Richard Obiora, Charles Parker)
PSIM v PS Bengkulu 2-1 (Linkers 2; Nova Hermawan)

Divisi Utama (LPIS)

Persikabo v PSBL 1-0
Persitara v PS Bengkulu 0-0
PSCS v PSS 1-0
Persis v PSIR 2-2
Persipasi v Persepar 3-1

PSCS Cilacap narrow victory over PSS takes them to the top of Group 2 one point clear of Persipasi who recorded back to back home wins. Persikabo moved up to third in Group 1 but two goals in five games won't have fans queuing round the block to get in. Pro Duta, owned by a senior PSSI official, are top of the table. 'Nuff said. Again.

Thai League Cup Final

Thai Port v Buriram PEA 0-2

No surprise. Clubs in Thailand have already started pre season training for next season meaning no real break for them. And with the ASEAN Cup in December it's gonna be another long year. Luckily trophies are not decided on the field eh?!

Singapore Charity Shield

Home United v Tampines Rovers 0-2 (Gligor Gligorov 2) 4,146

Champions Rovers started the new season as they ended the old. By winning a trophy. To be honest, not sure if Gligor is really Gligor or should be Gregor!

Clementi Stadium far from Tampines.
Care for Clementi Rovers?
Davor Piskor scored the first goal for Tampines instead of Gligor
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