Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Crowd Trouble In Yogyakarta

Persija finally recorded a victory against their nemesis but not for the first time a game between the two teams was marred by crowd trouble.

In 2007 during a Copa Indonesia semi final Persipura fans invaded the pitch through a single gate that was left open, ostensibly to escape from a tiny number of Persija fans who were attacking them. They milled around on he pitch until they were assured of a safe departure from the stadium.

The two sets of fans clashed a couple of days later, this time Persipura fans picking off Persija fans with one supporter fatally wounded.

The most recent incident took place in Yogyakarta which was used because Persija's usual stadium the Bung Karno is being renovated. Despite the neutral venue there were still over 14,500 at thegame and towards the end of the second half you could plainly see on TV youths pitch side throwing rocks at the fans on the terraces.

The game carried on regardless, to be fair the players didn't seem to take too much notice though the ballboys and media folk I guess had it away pretty sharpish!

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