Friday, January 20, 2012


Thais Try To Curry English FA Favour

The Thai FA have more front than Brighton beach. A couple of years ago they promised to support England's World Cup bid and in return England agreed to their request to play a friendly in Bangkok earlier this year.

The Thais reneged on their promise and England, perhaps not surprisingly, cancelled their proposed trip to Bangkok.

Now the Thai FA, or Football Association of Thailand, are hoping the chairman of the English Premier League can attend a Thai Premier League game, Chiang Rai United v Buriram PEA to witness the TPL trophy being handed over to champions Buriram PEA.

If the chairman had any balls he would send a message to Bangkok saying 'sorry, fishing that weekend and the missus needs her nails doing and she is taking the car and anyway after what you did to our World Cup bid and the dodgy land deals you are involved in it's best we don't further taint our reputation by giving you the pleasure of yet more photo ops, love, Dave (but you call me Sir David).

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