Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Singapore Football Reinvented Today

Today's the day football gets rediscovered in Singapore with the Daftly Named LionsX11 hosting Kelantan at the Jalan Besar Stadium and all 7,500 tickets sold out.

One round of SLeague games, six games, would never have accumulated that many fans yet they come crawling out the woodwork for this game.

Surprising what a bit of marketing can do and makes you wonder why nothing gets done for the actual SLeague although to be fair when it comes to a bit of nationalist flag waving they do seem happy to reach for their flags. Before they lose and stop going!

The danger now is that with the media now discovering local football they will focus all their attention on the daftly named LionsX11 to the detriment of the domestic league and that would not be a helpful move.

It's gonna be down to the blogs and forums to make sure the SLeague isn't overlooked by people once the daftly named LionsX11 kick off their Malaysia Super League campaign tonight against Kelantan but when you get a team pissed off 'cos their ex chairman has got a new job and now they're threatening to throw their toys out the pram then you can understand while people don't give a crap.

Such childishness doesn't even belong in the playground because to accuse children of such nonsense would be to insult them. Indeed, now when parents and teachers see their children acting in a spoilt manner they will say 'ha...look at little Johnny, behaving like a French football club.'

For now the hype around the daftly named LionsX11 has revolved around Fandi Ahmad and 1994 as football writers rush to show off their knowledge of football on the island and bore us to tears with their inane drivel. One paper even has useful advise of how to get to Jalan Besar 'cos most people have no idea what or where it is.

The SLeague has had some exciting seasons in recent years. It is time the new people at the top start to promote the bloody thing seriously or the professional game may whither and die and we'll be left with the daftly named LionsX11 and loads of replica Liverpool and Manchester United shirts on the MRT and we really don't want that, do we?

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