Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Only Singaporeans Need Apply

Tickets for the daftly named LionsXII, sorry but it is a daft name, opening game in the Malaysia Super League against Kelantan go on sale this Friday. Again the Singapore FA have this nonsense idea that tickets will only go on sale to Singaporeans and Permanent Residents which means if I wanted to go I couldn't.

Imagine Liverpool and Manchester United tickets were only sold to English people? Then you'd have Singaporeans whine like hell.

Main stand costs $12 while that bit opposite which is rarely used for SLeague games will cost $7. Wrinklies and brats with homework pay two bucks. Season tickets will also be available, costing $160 and $95. That will cover MSL, FA Cup and Malaysia Cup.

Sorry, season tickets $160/$95 will not cover FA Cup/Milk Cup, only priority booking...
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