Friday, January 27, 2012


No Stadiums In Jakarta

This weekend Persija IPL will host Bontang in Solo. Next week Persija ISL will play two home games either in Solo or Sidoarjo. Neither club it seems can get a game in Jakarta.

Persija ISL are being forced away from their home town because the grass at the Bung Karno is being relaid, apparently, and the other options available, Lebak Bulus or Soemantri Brojonegoro are not real options; Lebak Bulus is supposed to being demolished some time soon while the other one is even smaller.

Capacity isn't a problem for Persija IPL. They have no support in Jakarta. If they have then no one has seen them. They have yet to play a home game there instead preferring the Manahan Stadium in Solo.

They could play in a car park and no one would bother watching them!

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