Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Michiels Moves Club

After sensationally walking out on Pelita Jaya last Friday, Indonesian international Diego Michiels has reported to have signed for Persija, the version playing in the officially recognised Indonesia Premier League.

He said he quit Pelita Jaya, who play in the unofficial Indonesia Super League because he was worried about his place in the international team following announcements from the PSSI, the FA, that only players with IPL teams could be called up.

Michiels came to Indonesia from the Netherlands as a naturalised player and impressed during the recent SEA Games with his commitment and performances.

The LPI doesn't have many big names or internationals and whether Michiels sparks an exodus remains to be seen. As ever the international calender is a big blank filled with plenty of hot air and there is nothing concrete until the ASEAN Cup in December, almost 12 months away.

A lot can and will happen between now and then!

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