Friday, January 20, 2012


Malaysians Settle On Yishun

Harimau Muda have announced they will play their SLeague home games at Yishun Stadium. Personally I would have liked them to use Larkin Stadium across the Causeway in JB but its floodlights ain't too good. Is it close enough to Malaysia to tempt supporters to cross the border for a game? Hope so...

welcome football back to Yishun... where last time when Super Reds were here, the local MP promised stuff such as a fan club, better community engagement, etc.

Nothing much was done as all withered away but glad to see the "free-loaders" enjoying a bird eye from the residential block opposite the ground.

Honestly speaking, from Causeway to Yishun is quite a distance away (the notorious jam that come with it.. how?)
i can can there quite easily. just have to change a bus
they could get the mrt...if they didnt break down so often eh?!

whatever happened to yishun super reds?
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