Thursday, January 19, 2012


Khairul's Crocked. Again.

Football is supposed to be a glamourous career. Scoring goals in front of adoring fans and all that crap. Not if you're name is Khairul Amri it ain't though.

The poor bastard spends most of his time injured. He's 27 in March, should be at the peak of his powers but guess what? He's gonna be out for the next 12 weeks with another injury.

Some cruel sod has been calling him the Abou Diaby of Singaporean football which is almost a tad harsh.

The guy is an immensely talented footballer. I recall a game for his country against Thailand in the AFC Asian Cup qualifiers. The Thais won 3-1 at the National Stadium but Amri certainly asked some questions in the second half.

Now with the LionsX11 it looks like he won't be pulling on a shirt for a while; at least not in anger and despite the seemingly harsh words above I do have every sympathy for the lad.

Admin: Not about Khairul but 17 years old Malaysian star-in the making, Nazmi Faiz, who is one of the key players of last year's SEA Games squad..
I think the use of the word bastard is inappropraite. Especially in this region where people are more sensitive, and equivalent of insulting his parents. Being an Caucasian does not make an excuse for being disrespectful.
Thought Khairul should do a Dean Ashton and just bow out.

Even the combined injury proneness of Darren Anderton, Jemaine Jenas & Ledley King could not supersede that of Khairul Amri
Kei, Dean Ashton in his few short years in English Football could make enough for a lifetime and bow out. Can Khairul Amri do that?
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