Friday, January 20, 2012


Hilary Turns Up In Muar!

Any Deltras fans out there remember a Kenyan striker called Hilary Echesa? Had a short, very short, spell with the club a couple of years back and managed to impress no one. Admittedly a poor Deltras team that season, no fan who made the journey to Lebak Bulus to see them play Persitara (pictured) could have imagined they would now have the likes of Budi Sudarsono, Mijo Dadic and Sean Rooney in their team.

Anyway, pardon the digress. There I was with a few quiet moments at work mulling over the prospect of a long weekend in Malaysia when I somehow clicks on a page that comes up with MP Muar, a team in the Malaysia Premier League. And lo and behold they have Hilary!

Since playing for The Lobster he has played for The Lions and The Elephants. I kid you not...Wiki is your friend!

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